Caring for Society

  • Environment & Society

Beyond economic returns, Pacific Oil & Gas seeks to foster strong links with local communities in order to provide a positive contribution. With our pillars of honesty, integrity and respect for people, we seek opportunities to improve the lives of communities through education and empowerment.

Whatever our project or development, we always strive to make a positive contribution and be responsible and beneficial to local communities.

A Shift in Thinking

for a Brighter Future

In Indonesia, Pacific Oil & Gas supports government initiatives to promote a healthy lifestyle and a cleaner environment.

JOB Pertamina-Talisman organised the Maternal and Child Health Counseling at Ladang Panjang Village, Jambi Muaro Regency, in May 2010. The programme is aimed at improving public health by raising awareness about child development, the importance of healthy lifestyles, and balanced nutrition for infants and toddlers. A similar programme exists in Pulai Gading Village.

"The activity is very important as it fosters awareness within the communities who are not aware about the health risks of infants from birth," said Mulyatun, Chief of Pulai Gading Village.

Continuing Our Support

For a Vibrant Community

For the fourth consecutive year, East Asia Power (EAP) Xiamen continued its community involvement initiatives at Aotou Village, Xiamen. At a donation ceremony held on 26 October 2009, during the Double Ninth Festival, EAPXM donated RMB 100,000 to financially support 33 students, and purchased books for hundreds of others. A gateball stadium was also built in the village to provide the elderly a suitable venue for recreational activities.

Celebrating Local Culture

Through Arts and Education

In celebration of Children’s Day, East Asia Power (EAP) Xiamen and Xindian Primary School organised a Handwriting & Drawing Exhibition, with more than 1,000 teachers and students attending the event. Representatives from the Army, hospitals and various communities participated and visited the exhibition, providing positive feedback on the Chinese handwritings and traditional drawings. The exhibition is in line with EAPXM’s support of local culture and education.

An Effective Set of

Safety and Environmental Practices

Pacific Oil & Gas is committed to protecting the environment and, to achieve this, has a policy of using best known safety and environmental technologies. We work closely with our partners to improve our environmental performance, and continue to keep close relationships with surrounding communities.

All our business plans are based on constructing and operating facilities in accordance with internationally recognised safety standards. We ensure the appropriate systems, procedures, plans and safety culture are implemented with concrete measures in working towards an injury and accident-free workplace.


Check TWICE!

In 2010, PO&G launched the TWICE programme as a baseline of HSE management system implementation.

TWICE comprises five basic HSE features: Task, Workplace, Individual, Contractors and Environment, ensuring we operate to international standards and meet company objectives – no accidents, no harm to people, and no damage to the environment – in all company operations.